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ASTECO Group is a consortium of Companies leaded by ASPHALT TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING S.L. (ASTECO) founded in Spain in 2005 with the purpose of giving full consulting service in the field of road pavements to its clients, producing machineries and additives to be used in the road construction.

ASTECO is operating mainly in Middle East and GCC Region either directly or through the other companies of the Group with the aim to provide a comprehensive solution based on road technologies and materials.

ASTECO Group can offer turnkey projects that comprises all services like Laboratory Testing and Mix Design for Conventional Hot Mix Asphalt or any other special Asphalt (Warm Mix, Template Mix, Cold Mix, Coloured Mix, PMB Asphalt, etc.), Consultancy, Supply of Material and Equipment and even laying of special pavement like Slurry Seal or Microsurfacing.

ASTECO Group is especially skilled in COLD TECHNOLOGY for road like Production and Laying of Bitumen Emulsion, Cut-Back and any related application (Surface Treatment, Slurry Seal, Microsurfacing, Cold Asphalt for Patching or for Pavements, Recycling, Stabilization, etc.)

ASTECO Group has got partnership in several countries and maintain commercial relationship with many road contractors or manufacturers of bitumen based products.